Texas Special Inaugural Car, 97 Interstate Batteries 500, 1997 Monte Carlo

Here is a great collector's car, from the Texas Motor Speedway, opening.
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By now most of the country has heard about the tornadoes, that hit the north central Texas areas on April 29th.  It was a horrible disaster, that occurred, when at least 5 tornadoes hit several different areas in a matter of 2 to 3 hours.  Heavy rains, high winds hit our areas,  but we were spared the devastation our neighbors received.
Photos coming out of the areas hit were sad and many are without homes and businesses.  4 are confirmed dead, and at least 50+ injured.  This comes within a month of the high winds that hit a neighborhood in the northern part of Rockwall, TX.  It destroyed several homes, in the housing section there.  They were worried about more devastation, should severe weather come through their area again.
Our prayers go out to the people who are suffering from the 29th's devastation.  Most are just glad to be alive and able to recover and start again.


Yesterday, was a bad day here in the State of Texas.  Several crimes against people were committed which, left a trail of death and injuries to contend with.  A Paramedic, was shot in Dallas, Tx, when he responded to a 911 call of "self inflected wounds" at a residence.  The person, shot the Paramedic, when he arrived, and police searched house to house, for suspect.  His was found later in a house, with another victim, dead from apparent suicide.
Then a student at UT @ Austin, was stabbed by another student,  leaving the victim dead at the scene.  The attacker, was taken into custody, at the scene.
Another report of a lady being shot several times in a mall parking lot, resulted in a fatality, with the attacker, getting away. Police are still searching for this person, who is believed to be out of town.
I believe there was another incident reported at a high school campus in Ft. Worth, Tx,  The details I'm not sure of at this time.
I wonder what's going on with the…

More Street Photos

This is one is up the street from my house, and the lot is vacant.  So, I wonder what they are doing there? Here they have brought in a big sewer suction truck, and you can see all the other equipment, just on this one house and yard.  Wow, what will it be like at my house, when they start this side of the street?

Street Construction

So, it begins.........the complete reconstruction and development of our street, approved by the City of Royse.  They have been out here the last two months surveying and setting up markers for the utilities in the area and now they have begun work on the the sewer and water lines excavation, that will be necessary to perform for the new installation of each service.  The east side of Wood St., is being phased in first.  I wait to see what they will do with the big tree out front in my yard, if they work up in the yard as they are doing, in the yard in this picture.  This one's going to take a long time!

Death Alley

This is just one of the many accidents, along the corridor of I-30 that's happened in the last year.
Several of the accidents were fatality involved.  Once again, a wreck involving 2 semi's and 2 other vehicles, resulted in a person losing their life and 3 going to the hospital.  It seems that the area from Rockwall, Tx at Hwy. 205 through Royse City's, CR 548, has been a death zone for several years.  Yesterday, is no different, and with the construction along this location, it seems to be escalating daily.  Two separate accidents happen in the general area yesterday, with one happening in the early morning traffic commute, and the other in the evening commute.  People traveling east on I-30 have one other road they can detour to which is CR 66, a two lane road, lending small relief.  A 35 minute normal trip, thus turns into an hour or more, with morning and evening commutes. Below is a picture of the accident that happened yesterday, and if you look closely at the middl…